September 03


Trump Signs the GOP Pledge

Donald Trump held a press conference today, surrounded by the magnificence of his Trump Tower building on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where he showed reporters and supporters the signed document that formally acknowledges his pledge to stick with the GOP and to not run as an Independent. As he continues with his first place number in national polls, Trump is pretty confident at this point that he will win the nomination, so signing a pledge is really no big deal.
The pledge has special significance in this presidential race, as the GOP struggles to unite the many different factions within the party. Governor Chris Christie posted a picture to Instagram of the pledge, and Trump’s was so surprising that it is getting national coverage (think back to the Fox News debate where he raised his hand that he would run as an Independent if he did not receive the Party’s nomination).
Trump’s confidence was evident in his press release, where he noted that every other politician who has gone after him has significantly dropped in the polls. He said that Senator Graham was the first to make a negative statement, and his poll is now at zero. As for Senator Rand Paul, his numbers have also dropped to the low single digits. Surrounded by the example of his own personal wealth, Trump also used this backdrop to his advantage, stating that he would be the only politician to fund his own race, and that others are pulled by the strings of special interest groups and lobbyists. Because Trump is so rich, however, he is his own man, and states that he will then have no one else to answer to but the American people. Trump said that as he is in first place, he has of course been offered millions of dollars. He told the crowd that at times he asks himself  “am I a fool?” for not taking this money, but when he asked a group of people in Iowa whether he should do it, they unanimously shouted no. “In a nutshell, I’m funding my own campaign, no one else is,” he told the press.”
While Mitt Romney just four years ago tried so hard to distance himself from his net worth of 200 million (which is a paltry sum compared to Trump’s 10 billion), Trump is using his money to his advantage. He has branded himself as a self made billionaire who can create opportunities for you too, if you elect him to office. The reasons for him running he has said over and over again is because those in Washington right now are stupid, and that he is tired of seeing America losing. He wanted to bring back wealth to America again, and stop letting foreign powers, such as China, take away jobs and opportunities from the American people. Trump said “our country does not work,” and he vows that if elected to the Oval Office, he will get it back on track, and make it “great again.”
For those who have proclaimed Trump as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” this pledge signature has shushed all conspiracy theory believers. It will remain to be seen, however, if he goes back on his signature once the primary is decided and he does not win, and decide to take his chance as an Independent. Although there is no chance of him winning the majority of hispanic Americans’ votes, he may win the millions of Americans who have lost hope in their economic future, and believe that the billionaire will create jobs and wealth in our country again.