Monthly Archives: September 2015

September 30

No surprise Fiorina supports water boarding, but why was she advising the CIA?

The Iraq War is still highly controversial in the United States, especially the use of torture in Guantanamo Bay. As presidential candidates form of cohesive foreign policy profile in what is still considered the early part of the election cycle, there is no surprise that Fiorina was asked if she believes George W. Bush’s administrations’ […]

September 29

The real message behind Boehner’s resignation

For anyone who has traveled to Capitol Hill and seen the office of the Speaker of the House, who is the third most powerful person in American politics, would have to wonder why anyone would willingly resign from the position. More so, Boehner, who although was controversial, was a fundraising beast, and for this reason […]

September 29

Planned Parenthood is getting nervous

As the usual CR drama approaches, Planned Parenthood has just lost its one Republican hope: John Boehner. While Boehner was harshly criticized for being a RINO (Republican in name only), he was a more moderate Speaker, and wanted to avoid another government shutdown. While last time the government shutdown was over Obamacare, this time is […]

September 21

Fiorina Jumps to Second in Polls

For those who early on supported Fiorina in her presidential race, it was because they most likely saw her in person. While the media has a lot to do with who is covered and who gets mentioned, Fiorina independently made her mark on many Americans at the prestigious CPAC conference last spring. She had a […]

September 21

This Week in Review

This week was a wild one for the Republican Party. First and foremost, all eyes were on the second debate, which saw the top 11 candidates on stage one more time, this time, with Carly Fiorina. The others included Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Walker, Governor Kasich, Governor Christie, Senator Rand Paul, […]

September 18

The Biggest Surprise From Debate 2? Unity

The beginning of the second GOP primary debate seemed to me more like a middle school lunch time fight than an actual debate. Jake Tapper came right out, ready to show how divided the Republican Party is, and asked questions to cause a cat fight. Tapper brought up insults said about Trump or vice versa, […]

September 16

What to Expect From Tonight’s Debate

There have been commercials on CNN for weeks now, as the second debate for the GOP primary is highly anticipated, and will be watched by many Americans. Hosted by a liberal leaning network in the Reagan Library, we can expect questions to be a tougher, and more of an argument than a way for candidates […]

September 14

Politics no longer as usual: a message from Rick Perry’s exit

To be a governor in Texas is almost equivalent to being to being a president of a small country, as many Americans believe that you can be American, but it is totally different to be Texan. Texas has a history of hinting about succession, and if they did, would be a competitive oil producer and […]

September 08

This Sudden Refugee Attention Totally Misses the Point

If you can recall, two summers ago we nearly put boots on the ground in Syria due to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. President Obama had said previously that the use of chemical weapons was a line that if crossed, would have serious repercussions. Everyone, at this point, had […]

September 08

Are you mad about Trump? It’s your fault

People who thought that Trump was a necessary entertainment factor for this next election, and that was all, are starting to get a little nervous. These are in large part people who have no interest in politics, think that it is boring, and think that the whole system is too complicated and too stuffy to […]