Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 12

Donald Trump is unapologetic, and some Americans are happy about it

There is one thing that everyone can agree on during this election cycle, and that is that we are all flipping out over Donald Trump. Some people hate him, saying that he should not be allowed to run, that he is breaking every single social code and all political correctness that is not okay for […]

August 07

The Underestimated Carly Fiorina

Because of the numerous Republican candidates, Fox News separated the primary runners into two different groups, otherwise known as the A team and the B team. These teams are due to the Fox News polls, and they placed each candidate in a team accordingly. Because there is so much hype about this first debate, and […]

August 05

What to Expect at the First GOP Debate

As the¬†number of candidates for the GOP is shockingly 17 individuals, all who¬†believe they have what it takes to become the next president, it is no surprise that for the first primary debate, Fox News had to break it down to a manageable and realistic number. The way this network did this was through a […]