August 28

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Despite what already seems to be an overwhelming amount of support for Donald Trump when many thought his run was laughable, his numbers of supporters continue to grow and grow. Furthermore, his supporters are the loudest, the maddest, and the most politically involved in the primary election. Trump is speaking to the far right political spectrum, the part of the party that feels Washington is broken, that Republicans compromise too much, and that the country is headed downhill. Despite all this support, however, there is a murmur happening around the United States on Social Media and in behind closed doors: is Trump doing this to ruin the election for the Republicans? Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

As history shows, it is easiest for a candidate from the opposite party of the incumbent to get elected. Americans grow tired of the party in the White House for eight years, and want fresh ideas and different tactics. As Clinton decided to run, she was immediately pinned as an Obama 2.0. So many Democrats sort of yawned at the prospect of her announcement, as there was no new fire, nothing greatly exciting despite being a woman, and furthermore, lots of tentative corruption attached to her name. Enter the Republican Party. Many voters wished they voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, and the talk around the Beltway was who would be best to go up against Clinton. Bush unfortunately is a tired name, so political commentators looked at the likes of Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Everyone secretly believed, however, that it would just come down to Bush and Clinton, and Democrats believed it would be their candidate, while Republicans believed it would be theirs. It seemed it would be a pretty drama free election, and people were just focused on how the new Clintons and new Bush could separate themselves from their former president connection.

Here, enter Trump. With no background in politics, people kind of laughed when he put his name on the ballot. A notorious New York billionaire, very few took this run seriously. Very rarely has he ever been outward on political standpoints, and even more rarely did he present himself as an expert on anything other than business (which no one can dispute he is). The only real reason people can pinpoint for the reason he would take time out of his own luxurious life to take on the highest ranked job in the United States is simply for his own ego, but as this seems like the simple solution, many Americans are crying foul, and declaring that Trump is not a Republican, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing sent by Democrats to tip the election.

The fist set of evidence that many skeptics are looking at is a mysterious phone call that took place weeks before Trump declared he would run. Apparently, on this phone call, Trump and Bill Clinton spoke about Trump’s potential run. On this phone call, according to an article in the Washington Post, “the 42nd president listened intently and then analyzed Trump’s prospects and his desire to rouse the GOP base.” While there is no evidence to whether or not Clinton encouraged Trump to run, there are a lot of question marks to as why Clinton would take the call a month after his wife announced her run for the presidency. Of course, Clinton aides will not speak about the call and say that it was “personal,” which leaves even more question marks to what Trump’s true intentions are for running for president. Furthermore, the Clintons have been very good friends with Trump for years. Hillary Clinton sat in the front run for Trump’s third marriage, and Trump has given more than $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. While this election is basically the GOP against Clinton, it seems strange that such a good friend of theirs would decidedly run against them, and moreover, call first to ask “advice.”

The second set of evidence is Trump’s hardline on immigration. As someone who has employed illegal immigrants off the record for years, it seems like the billionaire really had no problem with the broken system. Furthermore, immigration reform is a touchy subject for Republicans as the far right’s views completely ostracize the $40 million Latinos whose votes matter to win an election. While Clinton has some sway as a Democrat, she faced a serious threat from Jeb Bush, who supports comprehensive immigration reform, and even more importantly, has a Latin American wife. He himself speaks fluent Spanish, and really seems like the only candidate at this point who can win over this voting group. Here, enters Trump, who uses this fuel to completely spray gasoline over the entire issue. Now, the far right is so fired up about radical immigration policies that Trump will get no Latino votes at all. While he may win the primary, this leaves Clinton with 40 million votes that would go to Bush if he made it through the primary and Trump was not in the equation. Seems a little too good to be true. Clinton used Trump’s impact today to her advantage, where she talked about immigration reform to deflect from the numerous questions about her email server. If Trump and the Clinton’s did somehow agree to work together, this was the perfect platform to give no other Republican a chance, and then Clinton a clear path to victory.

The third set of evidence was clear at the first Fox News debate. At this debate, Trump declared that if he does not win the Republican primary, he will run as an Independent. Seem like deja vu? The same exact thing happened to George H. W. Bush, when Ross Perot ran as an Independent and Bush as the Republican candidate did not stand a chance against guess who, Bill Clinton. Until 2011, there was absolutely no evidence that Trump was a Republican. Even more so, there was evidence that he was a Democrat, as he donated to politicians campaigns that rank top of the list as most evil for many Republicans, and these are Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, and Senator Chuck Schumer. The real icing on the cake, however, is that his donations to Reid and Pelosi are said to have helped them win the majority in both legislative chambers and pass key laws when Obama became president (hint hint, Obamacare). While Trump laughs off these accusations and says that it is just politics, Republicans are questioning his loyalty to the party, and to the values it represents.

For these reasons, many Republicans are starting to seriously question why Donald Trump is running, and if he truly practices what he preaches. There is a very slim chance that Trump will actually wind up in the White House, but by running, he is ruining every other Republicans chance, and literally handing the election to Hillary Clinton. As many become more aware of this, and aware of the phone call between the president hopeful and the former president, people are starting to believe that this is no Republican at all, and is in fact, another Clinton power play fix the system and achieve power.

Trump could have had a major change of heart, and decided to become overwhelmingly fired up about immigration overnight. Or, he could see an opportunity to take an issue that is touchy and fully capitalize on it to stroke his own ego and find himself sitting in the hardest office to sit at in the United States. But, what if he was placed in his position by a powerful political family, who will stop at nothing to make sure another member of their clan sits at this same office? From the evidence that is available, this is the latest conspiracy theory that slowly many are starting to believe.