August 23

Megan McCain Talks Up Carly Fiorina

Last night on Fox news, Meghan McCain made a political appearance. In case you cannot infer from her last name, she is the daughter of former presidential candidate and long serving Senator John McCain. There is no question that this girl gets politics, and has been in the political scene for years. Furthermore, she is sharp tongued, with a clear idea of her beliefs and the policies that are on the forefront of GOP millennial women everywhere.

For that reason, McCain’s praise of Carly Fiorina is powerful. Her criticism of Hillary Clinton is equally so. McCain brought up the good point, and a point that every woman regardless of your political party should think about, which is why does Clinton present her “female empowerment” platform as one that revolves mainly around birth control and abortions? McCain said that as a woman, she finds this tactic offensive. As a woman, while these are issues, she is thinking more about foreign policy and the economy. Her one wish, therefore, is to put Fiorina and Clinton in the same room, and see how Clinton then responds.

Fiorina said a month ago in an interview in Iowa that she finds identity politics offensive. She does not think she should have special treatment as a woman, and that she should prove her worth by the brain God gave her. Identity politics diminishes women’s power, as it separates them and their capabilities. Fiorina, therefore, has focused more on the economy and foreign policy. Unlike other candidates, she has a very clear idea of the first action she will do as soon as she steps into the Oval Office, and that is to call Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and reassure him that the United States stands with Israel. Fiorina shined in the first presidential debate not just because she is the only woman in a dominated male field, but because she has a clear idea of what she will bring to the table as president, and articulates it with confidence and conviction.

McCain brought the spotlight to this, and to the women’s vote that Hillary Clinton is relying on in her upcoming election. It is a topic that every young woman should be thinking about when they go to the voting booth on election day. Identity politics separates people, and it diminishes their worth. Instead, look at the overall package, and what the candidate really plans to do after they stop playing that one card. For McCain, she believes Fiorina would outshine Clinton because of her approach, and that women should be offended, like she is, that Clinton puts every woman into a box of caring only about birth control and abortion.