August 22

The Political Effect of Donald Trump

Regardless if Donald Trump wins the Republican primary or not, he will go down in history for what he has done for the 2016 race. In a climate that was once full of an outdated status quo, Donald Trump burst into the political arena, and tore any precedent out at its roots. While the presidential race has always been a highlight for Americans, he has brought an entertainment factor that has ignited a new sense of interest in politics, and has brought up touchy issues that many were too afraid to talk about. Furthermore, while he has said very controversial comments, offended numerous news anchors, he has not seen a drop in his poll numbers, and instead, seen a surge. Furthermore, he has broken free from the party strong arm, and has marched to the beat of his own drum, and reaped the benefits of doing so. Donald Trump has laid a new type of precedent for future politicians, which is to be yourself, offend whoever you want, and no longer apologize for your political beliefs.

Donald Trump brought a huge crowd to a stadium in Birmingham, Alabama. He also brought a speaker, Senator Sessions, who many Americans would not know exist if it were not for Trump’s wow factor. Flying in in his private Boeing 757, he continues to present himself not as your average working American, but as a business mogul who is larger than life, who is untouchable. While this campaign tactic has been frowned upon (think Mitt Romney, who could have applied this same attitude to win an election), he has used it to his advantage. Politicians used to create a wow factor wherever they went. They did not have to carefully construct every sentence on camera, and were allowed to play up a mystic appearance for voters to idolize them. Instead, now you have politicians who give stale speeches that sound all good, but are no where near memorable, and present little reason for voters to really care about what was said. The result was two groups of people: one that knew every politician in America and every policy, and the other that could not even name the Vice President.

Trump has broken this divide, and completely smashed the fragile atmosphere that was once the usual for politicians. Most people you ask why they like Trump respond that he has a no BS attitude. Americans know when your press secretary wrote your speech, and they know when you are spewing one liners to try and get a vote. Immigration, for example, is such a touchy subject for Republicans that Senator Marco Rubio abandoned his crusade for reform completely. Trump, on the other hand, talked about it in the loudest way possible, and now has people talking about it too. An issue that was put under the rug for years now has to be addressed by each politician in the election. And guess what? His numbers have soared because of it, because Americans are tired of politics as usual, and want new blood, and a new voice.

So, regardless if Trump wins, future politicians should recognize the space that the business mogul has made for new voices, new attitudes, and new policies. No longer should people be afraid of the media ruining their career, or attacking their personal life, because like Trump if you own it and take responsibility for your actions, you might be surprised who agrees with you. Trump has taken a system that feared the American people the media, and completely turned it on its head. It is now up to everyone else to follow his lead. The time is now to get rid of politics as usual, because clearly it was not working. People need to stand up and stand out for what they believe in, and no longer follow the party heard. It has worked for Trump, and it can work for future politicians.