August 12

Donald Trump is unapologetic, and some Americans are happy about it

There is one thing that everyone can agree on during this election cycle, and that is that we are all flipping out over Donald Trump. Some people hate him, saying that he should not be allowed to run, that he is breaking every single social code and all political correctness that is not okay for modern day politicians. But, alternatively, people are flipping out over him for this exact reason. Many Americans are tired of politicians spitting campaign jargon to try and get elected, for creating a plastic image of themselves that is larger than life, and free of flaws. While we would like to live in a Utopian world where everyone feels like the exact same way about every issue, human nature would suggest that this is not possible. Donald Trump is doing this with zero apologies, he is speaking his mind and he does not care if it offends you or upsets you. As he said in his debate, he says what he says.

So why is everyone responding so much to Trump’s campaign? If they hate him, they hate him because he is unapologetically saying that he disagrees with many people, and does not care if he offends anyone.Many people think that he is a joke, but he is number one in the polls and that is for a reason. We live in a society right now that has so many social rules, and moreover, the people have become the police. It is almost like everyone has to have the same opinions, the same outlooks, or you are on the wrong side of history. While it is obviously good to set a tone that urges peace, acceptance, and understanding, there are some people that just will not agree with you. If Trump does not agree with you, he will tell you, and he does not care about the consequences. There is something very refreshing about this to a majority of Americans who are scared of saying the wrong thing, of making the wrong offenses, or having the wrong opinion. The result is increased social anxiety, where one wrong word and all of a sudden you are an outcast. For Trump, he does not care, and it can be assumed that secretly, many people are happy that there is at least one candidate who is unafraid to speak his mind. Even if you do not agree with what he has to say, he has the right to say it (our first amendment everyone), and slowly people feel like they are losing this right. Therefore, Trump increases his following everyday.

The president is supposed to mirror the overall feeling and atmosphere of the country. If you hate Trump, you are one of the reasons that he is doing well. To start filtering what people say, and demanding how they treat other people, is the first start of limiting a core principle our country fought so hard for. Trump gets so much attention because he is doing what many people are now afraid to do, and that is to be honest about what they believe, and truly say what they think. “I say what I say,” offered no apology. He did not try and make an excuse, some stupid lie that everyone sees through, he did not even deny it. Deep down, almost every American most definitely can understand this fearlessness (obviously in their own context). We are so afraid of not fitting in, that when you see someone who is not afraid of stepping on people’s toes, it makes you feel like it is okay to say what you want unapologetically. People attack Trump so much for what he says, and nevertheless he is number one in the polls. Think about that for a second, and it is clear that many people as a whole who might not think what he does, are at least happy that his no BS approach is back in politics.