July 22

The Republican Civil War

There has never been such a time where the GOP needs to come together. The 2012 election, which proved that the different factions within the Republican Party, allowed the Democrat Party to win before the race even got started. Governor Mitt Romney had a chance to take advantage of a not so good healthcare law, and a stagnant economy. The result was a primary campaign that was totally different from his national campaign, and the end result was a would have could have should have election, where many people now wish they voted for Romney, and many see that things he predicted came true.

Fast forward to now. The Republican Party took the largest majority in the House in years, and retook the majority in the Senate. The Party came together to focus on one thing: the economy. This touched voters, and the party felt confident and enthusiastic about 2016. If November 2014 was any indicator, it was that the time is now for the Republican Party to get back on top.

It all started with the large number that joined the race. Since April, politicians, doctors, former CEOs, former Governors-people many people have never even heard of, entered the race. They all had one similar goal, which was in some slogan or another promise to bring back the American Dream. They all hate Obamacare, they all want the states to decide on gay marriage, although they promise they are for marriage between a man and a woman, and they all want to bring back jobs and restore the economy. Many promise immigration reform (Jeb Bush), but skirt around what that will actually entail. Besides Senator Ted Cruz, who went a little more to the right than the other candidates, all the Republicans basically said the same thing.

Enter Donald Trump. Trump is a businessman. He has never been a Tea Party extremists, and has in fact donated to Democrats (including Hillary Clinton), recently. He has never been that much of a Republican, as someone like the Koch Brothers, but has always put his money where he can get ahead. And now, he sees an opportunity. As McCain said, “the crazies,” are Donald Trump’s base. Trump fired up the “crazies” about immigration, outwardly calling out Mexico and blaming the government for sending over “criminals, drug dealers, and rapists.” After McCain made this remark, Trump quickly fired back, and with a low blow. Trump said that when it comes to war, “he likes people that weren’t captured.” This created a media battle like we have not seen in a while. Trump then used this opportunity to talk about the parade he held for veterans in New York City, and the one million he raised then matched with his own money, and then promised how as president, he would give the best healthcare to veterans. If that is not creating a business opportunity, then what else is? He brought attention to an issue through a statement that garnered a lot of media coverage, and then used it as a platform to market himself as a champion of veterans.

The effect of this, however, is that instead of it being the GOP against Democrats, it is now the GOP against Donald Trump. McCain and Graham have geared up against him, and Governor Jeb Bush has even called on him to settle down. Cruz is torn as he knows he needs Trump for his Tea Party base, but also cannot go so far against the GOP establishment because he is still active in the Senate.

There is a Civil War within the Republican Party, and it is fought against Donald Trump. Trump created the war, and is using it to his advantage. Unfortunately, the result may be the election of Hillary Clinton.