Are You Surprised Trump is Number One in Polls? Don’t Be

Ladies and Gentlemen, you might be shocked to hear this news, or you might be happy, or you might be mad, but one thing is for certain and that is as of right now, Donald Trump is first place out of all the Republican candidates according to a new national poll. They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and this seems to be just the case with Mr. Trump. Although he has lost a lot of business and there are constant protests wherever he goes due to his remarks on Mexican immigrants in the United States, Trump has somehow captured the hearts of many Republicans in this poll, and they believe that he should be president. This information is not in the form of a targeted new site, but rather from an Economist/YouGov poll, and a Suffolk University/USA Today survey. Two completely different sources, but with one clear message: Donald Trump is a serious contender for the GOP primary.

What can we learn from such data? Americans are looking for a president with clear convictions and is unapologetic. Trump does not care whose toes he steps on, or what business contract he loses. He simply replies that the US is “going to hell,” and stands resolute that he thinks Mexico is an absolute disaster. There are many who agree with him, and want someone who will finally stand up and really get a job done. Trump does not care about bipartisan relationships or what the media says, all he wants is to convince voters that he will restore America to greatness, and his extreme speech is having an effect. Americans are slowly losing more and more faith in the economy, want an immigration solution, and think that foreign policy is an absolute disaster. Here Trump whirls in with a strong voice, is overly confident, and many just have to believe that he is the only one who can truly turn the country around.

Trump is ahead of Bush by 3 points in the Suffolk University/USA Today survey, while other candidates could not even get a percentage over ten (including newly announced Scott Walker). In the Economist/YouGov poll, Trump is the preferred nominee with 15%, outrunning Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Rand Paul. This alone, is surprising, as two long standing politicians have been beaten already in the polls by a person who spent most of his campaign seriously making a lot of people mad.

So, what does his show about the state of American politics. Many Americans want a strong leader. They want someone who will give them hope, and who they can look up to. They want someone who will not apologize or backdown from their beliefs. Regardless of what you think about him, Trump is doing this, and is a lesson to all politicians who seek political office.