Five Facts to know about Dr. Carson

In a recent poll, Dr. Ben Carson is in fourth place (ahead of Senator Marco Rubio) for the GOP primaries. Do you know who he is? If the answer is no, you are not alone. Many people had absolutely zero clue who he was before he announced a run for the presidency, and many people still have zero clue who he is. If you google him, the first thing you may see is a picture of him in scrubs, and that is because his day job is a pediatric surgeon. Does this have any relevancy to politics? Nope. But he and his supporters think it does. Here are five things to know about this Oval Office seeker:

  1. Dr. Carson received the Presidential Medal of Freedom because he was the first surgeon to ever separate two twins born with their heads together. Although he began his career as a neurosurgeon, he is best known for his work with newborns and children. He has numerous awards for his work, almost one every year. Check out his wikipedia page, and you will never doubt that this is an extremely smart and gifted individual. Not only is he an award winning surgeon, but he has also published numerous articles from research. Carson decided to retire, however, in March 2013 while he was “at the top of his game.” Hence, the movement into other spheres of work.
  2. Dr. Carson is extremely religious. His fame amongst the religious community (who inadvertently always vote for the GOP), is due to his six best selling books. These are published by Zondervan, which is a Christian publishing company. One of his books also became a TNT television movie. So, although you may not have heard of him, this group of Americans most definitely have, and he is quite the celebrity amongst them. At a National Prayer Breakfast in 2013, Carson’s speech was widely applauded, and this is the platform that he entered politics. His conservative principles are what he uses to give political and social commentary, and his faith is the basis for his entire life.
  3. Dr. Carson is African American, and grew up in a single mother house. While identity politics unfortunately focuses a lot of attention on getting the minority votes, Dr. Carson has a lot of voter favorability (think Rubio with the Hispanic vote). While America should be beyond this, it is not, and his credentials in his career as well as his personal background are a huge draw to many voters.
  4. Dr. Carson is against gay marriage, and believes that homosexuality is a choice. He also does not believe in evolution. While there is a group of voters who agree with him, this issue will turn many other voters completely off.
  5. Dr. Carson believes that Obamaare is “the worst thing that has happened in the nation since slavery.” He believes that socializing medicine is a segue into a socialist country.

Carson has a large following due to his more evangelical views. His conservative principles and popularity have pushed him onto the national stage, and for these reasons he has decided to run for president. While he has no experience in a public office, he believes that more left brain offices should enter the Oval Office, for they are more centered on facts. For this reason, keep these five facts with you throughout the presidency, as you decide who deserves your vote.