July 07

The Only Non Republican, Republican Candidate- Rand Paul

While the list of Republican candidates continues to grow and grow, there is no real difference between the many presidential hopefuls. They are all pushing for jobs, restoring the economy, and repealing Obamacare. All have said they support same sex marriage, and all promise to issue some sort of immigration reform. While Jeb Bush is in the lead against the other candidates, many question if he has what it takes to beat the formidable Hillary Clinton. For these reasons, Senator Rand Paul believes you should give him your vote.

In recent news, Rand Paul posted on his Facebook page for his campaign that out of all the candidates, the Democrats have spent the most money on attack ads against him. From this information, he trusts that this is the main indicator that shows why he is actually the number one threat to Clinton’s run. So, what makes Paul different from his competitors?

  1. A relative cool factor. Paul has appeared in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. He is young, dynamic, and has gone against the party when it comes to foreign policy, most notably the NSA. Furthermore, he has the support from his father, Congressman Ron Paul’s, supporters, as well as the Libertarian cause which identifies with the GOP, but is a different faction. Many millennials are tired of the old guard, but generally still associate with conservative economic principles. For this reason, Paul offers a change to the party that other candidates cannot offer.
  2. List of accomplishments. Paul was very active, and still is, as a Senator. His two filibusters brought him to the national stage, and unlike other candidates such as Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, he has more name recognition which helps in an election.
  3. “Defeat the Washington Regime” is his tagline. While many voters distrust Washington and its ever growing power, Paul has promised to audit the Federal Reserve, and take away from bureaucracy power to end corruption.
  4. Wants to end the “war on drugs,” aka legalize marijuana. Although he argues that this should come from the state governments, he wants to lift the federal ban on making drugs legal.  Paul has said, “the war on drugs is an abysmal failure and a waste of money. He told Bill Maher, “The war on drugs has become the most racially disparate outcome that you have in the entire country. Our prisons are full of black and brown kids.” AKA, he wants to reach out to minority communities who are affected the most from illegal drugs. He also wants to allow felons the ability to vote.
  5. Paul wants a flat tax. Yup, one tax for every economic group, and a one page tax form. Can you even imagine how much better this would make your life?

Paul is not your typical Republican, and for this reason he may have an advantage over other candidates. His biggest competitor will be Governor Jeb Bush, who has a drastically more funded campaign.