July 01

So Many GOP Candidates, It’s Almost Funny

Sometimes in life, you have to laugh to keep from crying. With an ever growing number of presidential hopefuls, this may be many Republicans stance when looking at the future election. More over, all these candidates are more or less spitting the same image: restoring the American dream. Job creation, tax reform, a tougher foreign policy, there is very much a same song different tune type of election coming up, and it may not be enough to win the White House.

Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) and Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey) are the two newest runners in the race. Christie rose to media fame by winning his recent election with huge numbers, but his image quickly turned sour after the Bridgegate scandal. If you remember, this was when it came to surface that Christie’s employees voluntarily started a giant traffic jam to interfere with a non compliant Democrat district during his reelection. Christie claims complete innocence from this, but many are questioning the type of leader who would employ this type of staff.

Christie’s tagline is a promise that he will “tell it like it is.” He will definitely use his no BS attitude to try and win voters, and is clearly outlining his main issues he will attack if made president. These include Entitlement Reform, Foreign Policy, Education, and the Economy. Do these sound familiar? No surprise, as these are the same issues every other GOP primary candidate is pushing, with their own little twist.

For one candidate to stand out, they are going to have to do something a little different than the other run of the mill candidates. Championing environmental change, gay rights, or racism could be a start, but that will not get any support from the far right voter base. Elections are all about the Independent, swing state voters, but the primary is all about trying to split the votes as each voter group has a champion.

While this may be the year for the GOP, there is no real front runner. As more candidates join the race, the Republican race becomes more unclear. As a Party, we need to get our act together, or we may see four more years of a blue White House.