Monthly Archives: June 2015

June 16

Republicans Biggest Problem: Too Many Candidates

Nothing shows the divisions within the Republican Party quite like the numerous candidates that believe whole heartedly that they deserve to be the next President of the United States. From unknown doctor Ben Carson, to one time CEO Carly Fiorina, to Tea Party extremist Senator Ted Cruz, to political powerhouse Governor Jeb Bush, the list […]

June 11

Rubio’s Media Swag

There is a reason people unofficially call the media the fifth branch of government. Unless you’re watching CSPAN or reading Senators’ and Congressmen’s press releases, many find out all their news from the news. Furthermore, in a time where journalists have become more of a voter influence than an objective viewpoint, the politician’s appeal to […]

June 11

Fiorina’s Unexpected Response to Women’s Issues

For those of you who have been following Carly Fiorina’s run for the presidency, it is no secret that she sees herself as the only candidate who can go up against Hillary Clinton. While this is most likely because she is a woman, Fiorina believes that throwing in the woman card further divides politics, and […]

June 10

Graham Goes Against Hannity

Many people do not watch the news anymore. Also, many people no longer believe in the austerity and the morals of the federal government. If you turn on any 24 hour news cycle, you might get a picture why this is. As networks lose more and more viewers, their tactics have become a little more […]

June 09

Carly for America? or Carly Against Hillary?

Carly Fiorina’s entrance into the GOP presidential candidates arena came as a shock to many people. As she is the only woman for the Party, many quickly asked if she could get the women’s vote from Hillary Clinton. Fiorina, it seems, thinks she can, which is why her election strategy has been to do just […]

June 09

Paul’s Biggest Hurdle? The GOP

Senator Rand Paul has an advantage that other presidential candidates do not: a popular father who never went higher than Congressman and has a group of die hard supporters. This support group which he will inherit from his father is a blessing and a curse. Paul has to navigate the tough Republican scene, which includes […]

June 06

The Weekend Campaign Trail That Includes Motorcycles

Twitter blew up this morning with different media correspondents’ documentation of Senator Joni Ernst riding on her motorcycle for her first ever “Roast and Ride.” While she told Dana Bash that she had no bugs in her mouth but a lot on the windshield, the weekend is a lot more than just a bunch of […]

June 05

Texas Governor Responds To Clinton’s Visit

Today on twitter, Governor of Texas Gregg Abbott wrote, “RT if you agree we don’t need Hillary Clinton coming to Texas trashing out state. #tcot @TexasGOP.” The hashtag, top conservative on twitter, speaks for itself. While this may be surprising for a governor to get so personal with a Democrat presidential candidate, it is no […]

June 04

How do we fix American politics? Fix yourself

Can you imagine that while FDR was president, the media did not once show him in a wheel chair? Think about that for a second. The whole country and even the journalists had so much respect for the president, that they not once showed him in a vulnerable state. Imagine today, how the opponents would […]

June 04

Rick Perry Starts Strong

Governor Rick Perry announced last year that after holding his office for 15 years, he would not pursue another gubernatorial run in the state of Texas. To many people, this meant one thing: Perry would take a swing at running for president for a second time. The first time he ran, was in 2012, but […]