June 28

The Real Message from Gay Marriage

This week showed the true power of the democratic process. Not in the separation of powers (judicial branch went ahead with a decision despite Congress or the White House), but from sheer pressure from the American people. There has been a movement for years for gay marriage, and this week, the gay community saw the reward for their efforts. Not only is the gay community rejoicing, but thousands on Facebook are changing their Facebook pictures to one that has the rainbow flag. While I am happy of course that the community achieved equality, I am more happy that the power of the people is not dead. The activists steadfast dedication to reaching a goal is what America is about, and it is an issue that young people have shown energy for. In a time where people increasingly could care less about politics, when they think that they have no affect on the democratic process, I thank the gay community for showing that there is always room for change.

I hope that those who worked so hard for gay marriage share there stories with other Americans who want change. Imagine if all Americans showed this much involvement in other issues, such as creating jobs, tax reform, elections? What would America look like then? When most people cannot even name two of their state senators, how can they know how policies are affecting them? The gay community saw a policy that was affecting them, and made a move to change it. This is a lesson for all of America.

Today, my friend told me that the price of all the goods plus the portion size of dishes at her favorite bakery drastically increased. When she asked about it, they told her that they needed to do so to pay for healthcare. Obama’s administration also boosts a flattened price increase for healthcare, but does not mention the millions of dollars pumped into the entire process. Let me break this down- pumping money into the situation increases federal spending (more debt), and when the money stops, expect a burst.

Media outlets have been applauding President Obama all week for “changing history.” While he got behind the gay movement officially in 2012, he was not for equality when the movement first began. The legalization of gay marriage has nothing to do with President Obama, but has everything to do with the gay community and their constant pressure and persistence to make a change. While there is a new healthcare plan, people are going to eventually see increase in costs everywhere, and once subsidies stop, may really see a “change” but one they do not want to see.

This week was about the American people, not about a party or a leader. This is something people should always remember: these are your elected officials, they work for you. Not vice versa. Democrats started supporting gay marriage very recently, they have not always been the champions for this cause. Do not be fooled by this, and do not give them the credit. All the credit goes to the activists and their devotion to change. And for Obamcare, let’s wait to see the real effects before everyone starts popping champagne.