June 26

“Get out of my wallet, and get out of my bedroom”

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Today marked the end of protests, rallies, and gatherings to urge either states or the federal government to allow marriage between gay couples. This was a hot topic for many Republicans. Many GOP politicians said that they support the traditional marriage, but thought the issue should be decided by individual states (Senator Ted Cruz). It was a touchy subject because lawmakers knew that at their base, the far right evangelicals did not support gay marriage and wanted it to be illegal. Politicians knew, however, that not supporting it was bad for the Party, and bad for the future.

With the ruling today, however, the Republican politicians should drop the subject. They decided to give the issue to the courts, and the courts ruled that it was constitutional. Social media is blowing up with support for this decision, ¬†Governor Chris Christie said that he would uphold the law, while Governor Jeb Bush said that he thought it should have been decided state by state. All candidates are talking about religious liberties protection, but if I remember it correctly, America was founded upon the idea of “separation of church and state.”

The social issues and the Republicans stance against many of them are a huge factor when it comes to young people’s vote for the party. While many agree with the economic platform of the party, they cannot accept the social platform and therefore vote Democrat. While everyone continues to talk about the demise of the American Dream and how American is falling behind other superpowers, you would think that the Republican Party would drop these issues and instead focus on what makes the Party attractive (creating jobs). Economically, it makes sense for gay marriage to be legal, as Senator Murkowski said two years ago. If a couple in partnered anyway, they should have full rights if there is a death or a separation. Furthermore, the Republican Party’s outlook is limited government. While they have this view for economics, they are hypocritical when it comes to social issues. They want the government out of their pockets, but instead want the government to tell people how to live their lives. When it comes to religious issues, as God teaches in scripture, He is the only judge. If people want to live in what you consider “sin,” that is their choice. Focus on yourself and building your own marriage instead of focusing on someone else’s life and telling them how they should live.

After the ruling today, Republicans need to drop the issue and honor the SCOTUS constitutional rule. If they did not want to upset their far right base, they no longer have to worry and can rely on SCOTUS to “take the blame.” “Get out of my wallet, and get out of my bedroom,” is a philosophy that the new Republicans have, and it is time for the old guard to get on board. If Republicans can get behind this, they may find a total shift within the Party, and win the 2016 election.