June 25

Why Trump ACTUALLY Has a Chance

In a recent Fox News poll, the notorious TRUMP is second to Governor Jeb Bush in the sea of GOP hopefuls for 2016. Yes, you read that correctly, Trump is in front of Fox News favorite Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, and Governor Rick Perry. While this may seems hard to believe, as the business mogul has zero political experience, Fox News viewers see this as his strength. From Internet comments, it is clear that many believe Washington is broken, that all politicians are corrupt, and that there needs to be a real business man to fix it, and that is Trump.

It is no secret that Donald Trump knows how to market himself, and how to capture an audience. He has said over and over again how America is broke, and he can fix it. Based on his own personal wealth, this question is not hard to answer. People want jobs, and he creates jobs everyday.

Trump has also gone head to head with Clinton. Although he has given her money in past elections, he brought up the emails on Sean Hannity’s show, noting how is a Conservative Republican were in her shoes, they would not only get more penalized, but would most likely get jail time. Trump said that given all that is going on, he does not think her to be trustworthy, and her talk about “income inequality” is highly hypocritical as he said “I know where they live,” he knows their house, the money they get for the Clinton Foundation from countries that have total disrespect for women and gay individuals, and that the entire situation is highly hypocritical.

Trump promises that he knows politicians, and that although this will be a tough race, there is not one Republican candidate (besides him, of course) who can beat her.

Another topic that is popular with Fox News watchers is immigration. Hannity has said numerous times that there should be a wall between America and Mexico, and Trump agrees with him, and says that as President he will build one. He went so far to say that mexican immigrants are “rapists and criminals,” who are slowly ruining America. From these topics, he definitely will not win the hispanic vote, but he seems to not care.

Trump is promising many ideas that the far right Republicans want in a president. As he cannot name one accomplishment of Clinton while serving in office, he will use the next couple of weeks to show his own. Jobs and immigration reform are on the top of his list, and he does not care if others disagree with him. With his media presence and marketing skills, Trump may be a serious threat to Jeb Bush, and win the Republican primary.