June 25

Obamacare Wins Again

Many Republicans who have been constantly looking for angles to take down Obamacare and use the Supreme Court to make an aspect of it unconstitutional, were defeated yet again today when the Supreme Court ruled in King v. Burwell that federal subsidies to individuals in states is constitutional. President Obama spoke today in the Rose Garden at the White House, where he spoke about the successes of the law, and how it has made healthcare affordable and attainable to millions of Americans. Under the law, the President said, those with preexisting conditions are no longer discriminated against, and young people under the age of 26 can use their parents health insurance.

While millions have indeed received healthcare, there is an equal outcry from those who have seen their healthcare prices gone up, canceled, or are forced to change doctors. Small businesses have pressed their Republican Congressmen to reverse the law, as they can no longer afford health insurance for their families. There is an equal hate and love for Obamacare, and the topic, despite its constant save under the Supreme Court, is still controversial.
When I was in a cab in DC, I spoke to a cab driver about his political stance. He told me that he was a Republican, but could not vote for the party because his daughter had a preexisting medical condition and could not get insurance. For this reason, he voted for President Obama. There are unfortunately many stories like these throughout America. “I would be Republican BUT,” is a statement that is slowly taking voters away from the Republican Party, or causing people to not vote at all. Instead of constantly criticizing Obamacare, the GOP should have worked quickly and efficiently to write a different healthcare law, one that was better than Obamacare, and more accessible. Because no one has done this effectively, Obamacare wins. It may be time for Republicans to either get moving on a different law, or just accept it, and offer different laws on how to make it better.