June 17

The Trump Card

In the atrium of the Trump Tower in New York City, surrounded by his fashionable, jet setter family, Donald Trump announced he would run for the 2016 presidency. It is no secret that Trump has constantly been eyeing this office, as a person with an ego as big as his would view this as the ultimate achievement. With 9 billion dollars, Trump promises he will be the president to create the most jobs in history, and already, he has convinced many Americans that he is the one to get the task done.

While Trump has never been a politician, a lot of Americans think this is a positive attribute. Given the media frenzy and the ongoing negative comments that Washington is broken, voters see a businessman who is rich, and think he will do the same for them. While Romney was another very rich, self made man, he was not as flashy as Trump, and so instead of being an idol Romney was a traitor to the average person. The difference between the two is that Trump is unapologetic, straightforward, and knows how to market himself. Trump is promising that he will revitalize the American dream. Seeing him standing in his building, surrounded by opulence, it is easy to understand that with the economy being the number one issue for many Americans, they almost believe him.

Trump has a card to play that no other candidate has. He does not care if he steps on your toes, if he says something you don’t agree with- all he wants to do is convince you that America is broken, we are losing on the national stage, and that he is the absolute only person who can bring prosperity back. Creating a stage of absolute fear, Trump believes he is the only one who can bring hope.

Why does this matter?

Because many Americans are tired, they are out of jobs, and they want someone who has proven results. While other politicians are apologetic for their wealth, Trump has positioned himself to show it as his strength. In a sea of Republican candidates, Trump will be the loudest, he will play his cards right, and if he does enough to take the primary, the Republican Party will most likely be fired.

This matters because voters are so blinded by an image of a candidate, they do not think of what will actually happen when they get to the Oval Office. Perfect example is President Obama. He was much more favorable in the campaign, but looking at his approval rating, his image is different than his actions. Romney had the wrong image, was made fun of by the media because of many of his predictions (Russia), and now many Americans are regretting their vote.

One thing that Trump is doing, as a businessman, is showing Republicans that if someone does not step up, he will. As there is no clear frontrunner, no real party cohesion, Trump is making each and every candidate be a little more competitive. Republicans are behind on social issues, they are afraid to break from the party base, so Trump has stepped in with his maverick personality to show them that if they do not, he will.