June 16


Can We Tell the Primary from Snapchat?

If you want to look at who will win the primaries from each party, there is one way to pretty much determine who has the most appeal, and that is from the popular app Snapchat. While this may seem crazy, this app is the new way many millennials spend their free time, engage with friends, and now, find out the news. When Hillary Clinton officially launched her campaign this weekend, Snapchat featured a story on her, giving many a birds eye view into the day. Facebook exploded with people applauding her as a “cool” candidate. Jeb Bush, yesterday, was right behind her, opening his Snapchat debut with a short snap of himself and his family, followed by his mother, who promised that America needs her son.

Unfortunately in American politics, the candidate with the most campaign contributions often time wins the race. Clinton and Bush, who are from two political powerhouse families, understand this concept. Clinton has been fundraising basically since she stepped down as Secretary of State, and Bush took his time to officially announce his run for the presidency because he was doing the same thing: raising money without the strict guidelines that apply to becoming an official candidate. While many Americans are tired of the Clinton or Bush name, there is no real powerhouse to overtake them. Both are rich, both are related to a president, and both have had their eyes on that Oval Office for many years. Even though voters want a new name, a different option, and a fresh start, it may be easier to pick the devil you know than the devil you don’t. It helps that you can expect both candidates to have the best strategists, as well as their own experience on the president campaign trail, to know what to say and when.
Especially for Republicans, by the time the GOP stops ripping each other apart through the primaries, it may make sense to just pick a name you know. Bush is perceived by the public to be Moderate, he has promised immigration reform, and he wants every person to have the “right to rise,” in America. By the time November comes around, the media will have battered out the race so hard, that out of pure exhaustion, voters may just hit Clinton or Bush because it is the easier thing to do.
The use of Snapchat and the number of people it reached shows the power these two candidates already have against their rivals, and it could be suggested that from this small event, the primary race has already been won.
I hope you kept your Clinton or Bush tee shirts from 1992,  because it seems like the same names may be battling against each other again.