June 11

Fiorina’s Unexpected Response to Women’s Issues

For those of you who have been following Carly Fiorina’s run for the presidency, it is no secret that she sees herself as the only candidate who can go up against Hillary Clinton. While this is most likely because she is a woman, Fiorina believes that throwing in the woman card further divides politics, and that she should be judged for her record as CEO and the leadership she will bring to Washington, DC, not for her gender. While many view her gender an advantage to win voters, this response is unexpected.

Fiorina made the point that there are not just “women’s issues.” To limit issues to gender, Fiorina believes, further exaggerates “identity politics” and separates Americans from each other. Fiorina said that she is not running just because she is a woman, and that every person regardless of “what they look like, or who they are, or where they come from,” should be given equal chances. Unfortunately, Fiorina is against same sex marriage, which would back up this statement even more, and with her comments about women make her a champion for equality. Regardless, Fiorina makes a good point and the point is an issue that may resonate with many Americans, that the further we divide due to our particular issue, the more we as a country fall apart. The presidential candidate believes, however, that Americans at their core understand we are divided, and are not happy with this division. If she could offer solutions to this division, that may be her winning card.

The fact that Fiorina was asked in her interview with PJTV, “which party is more sexist?” shows the ongoing struggle for the term, and putting the parties against each other. The reporter spoke about this, and the many different identities or “groups” that keep people apart. Fiorina said that of course we want to get to a point that there are no identities in politics, and everyone can be treated equally.

While she is going against the only other woman running for president, Fiorina quickly deflated much of Clinton’s thunder. Fiorina is not “pulling the woman card,” and for this, she shows Hillary to be separating people by pulling it. While women make less than men in the workplace, Fiorina could further prove her point by giving examples of how she will push legislation that makes this equal. It is a topic that many people do not bring up, and by Fiorina speaking about all coming together instead of further drifting apart, she may win voters who secretly feel the same.