June 09

Carly for America? or Carly Against Hillary?

Carly Fiorina’s entrance into the GOP presidential candidates arena came as a shock to many people. As she is the only woman for the Party, many quickly asked if she could get the women’s vote from Hillary Clinton. Fiorina, it seems, thinks she can, which is why her election strategy has been to do just this: foil herself against Hillary, and prove she is the better candidate.

Traveling to Iowa this weekend, she spoke to a crowd waiving Carly for American signs. Standing in jeans and a tailored flannel shirt, she talks about how she rode on a John Deere tractor because she was shaking so many hands. Fiorina immediately started her speech talking about Hillary Clinton, and stated proudly that in a poll this week, she was chosen to be the person Americans would most like to see debate the Democrat candidate. She then placed the foil, and said that she would like to ask Mrs. Clinton if she had ever been on a John Deere tractor. Fiorina has, and she alludes that Clinton has not. There, she paints herself as a more down to earth, woman of the people. From this point, she segues into wondering what else “don’t we know” about Hillary Clinton, in reference to the emails she deleted. Right from the start of her speech, instead of talking about Iowa, instead of talking about her vision for America, Fiorina talks about Clinton.

Fiorina then starts talking about herself. Saying how she started as a secretary to being a CEO of the biggest technology company in the world, and makes the point that only is this possible in America and because the Founding Father’s understood that this would be possible. She said that in this nation everyone has their right to live their own life and use “God’s given gifts.”

Her speech is a little disjointed, but her point is that every person should be able to live up to their own potential, and this is not happening because of the ineptitude and the corruption of the federal government.  Looking at another poll, she said that America needs a leader in the White House “who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo,” and one that is not afraid to go against this big government.. Firoina says that she understands how the world works, and see other countries in the world. She said that her first day in the Oval Office she will call Netanyahu, a man, she said she has known a long time, and say America stands with Israel. Secondly, she will call the President of Iran and say she will push every economic sanction until they give up all nuclear materials.

Fiorina has some good points, and a message that everyone can agree with. Pushing so hard against Hillary, however, is not the best tactic. Instead of putting Hillary down, she can form a clear platform for what she stands for, and then let the voter make the comparison. Other candidates who have been in political office are already known to the public, so Fiorina has to catch up to prove who she is and how she will help America. She has Fox News support, but she will have to branch out farther than that to win the primary.