June 04

Rick Perry Starts Strong

Governor Rick Perry announced last year that after holding his office for 15 years, he would not pursue another gubernatorial run in the state of Texas. To many people, this meant one thing: Perry would take a swing at running for president for a second time. The first time he ran, was in 2012, but quickly dropped out of the race and endorsed Governor Mitt Romney.

Today, he confirmed that rumor, speaking to a group of supporters in Dallas, Texas. He launched a new website, with the tagline, “Tested Experience. Proven Results.” The website is truly modern, one that you would not expect for a Republican candidate (rickperry.org), and with his charm, experience, and determination, Perry may prove to be a viable candidate.

Highlights of his career are showcased immediately when you scroll down past the intro video that catches your eye when you first enter the website. “created 2.2 million new jobs, balanced budget 14 years and taxes cut 75 times.” These are all numbers that many people can look at and agree with. Seriously, the intro video on his website is captivating, it drew me right in. Furthermore, he has many quotes of other people admiring his traits. Whoever his campaign strategists are, he has kickstarted with this website in a powerful way.

Perry’s ‘About Me’ section shows his dedication to creating new jobs (Texas created 1.5 million while he was Governor), but also highlights his time serving in the air force (which is why he will be dedicated to Veterans Affairs). Perry also notes how in a time where President Obama failed to act on the huge amount of illegal immigrants coming into the country, Perry “deployed the Texas National Guard to the region.” Despite his accomplishments, Perry portrays himself as down to earth, a guy who was a farmer and married his high school sweetheart. He is an everyday man, who happens to also have a dedication to leadership, and a greater dedication to America and restoring its former prosperity.

In his introduction video, Perry says, “If were going to revive the American dream again, we need a president who provides leadership that transcends the petty partisanship that we’ve seen in the last few years. Someone who’s been tested. We need a president that tell the American people the truth. We have the power to make our country new again.” Perry continues that we do not have to accept the economic slow growth and troubles overseas, and to do this, we need a president with proven results, not just one that says the right things.

Perry is off to a great start. He has a strong message, he has a good platform, and he has a vision. Check out http://www.rickperry.org. This will be one of the most interesting primaries in history.