Key Bills Passed by House That You Should Know About

Speaker John Boehner has been very busy in the House, and is proud of the record of bills the House has passed. Every week before the elections in November, Boehner and his leadership spoke about the need for economic reform, and also the need for the Senate to vote of the hundreds of bills they passed to then Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk. Since the election, the House one the biggest Republican majority since the 1920s, and have kept their promise to continue passing legislation for reform and economic stimulation.

Let’s take a look at some of the key bills that passed, and why they are important for you.

  1. Bill against human trafficking. While it may be shocking that human trafficking happens within the United States, it is indeed a huge problem and one that has not been adequatley addressed by the federal government. Thanks to Congresswoman Kristi Noem and other lawmakers, the House passed a bill that will give law enforcement new tools to help eliminate this form of modern day slavery.
  2. A bill that protects middle class college savings accounts. President Obama wanted to tax these accounts, but the House passed a bill that will prohibit this taxation. As many of you have already felt the burden of student loans or the steadily increasing price of tuition, this really is a no brainer bill to pass. Whether or not Obama will sign it into law, however, is another story. This bill should be an issue that college students and high school students especially care about, as it has a direct effect on their future aspirations.
  3. A bill that increases middle class access to affordable housing. This really is another example of the Republican Party not being one that totally caters to the rich and leaves everyone else behind. No surprise this bill did not get a lot of media attention. The bill, passed on a bipartisan basis, will make the hidden costs in mortgage fees more transparent. For example, when you sign a mortgage for a certain price and expect that price, you will no longer get hidden fees that make the property much more unattainable. The bill also changes the definition of a “high cost mortgage,” so people can afford a mortgage for manufactured housing.
  4. A bill that ensures the President will have to have Congressional approval before he makes any deals with Iran. An example of check ands balances at its finest. The Iran negotiations are a very controversial subject, and by ensuring House involvement, the American people will be able to have a say.
  5. A balanced budget. Reigns in the out of control spending happening in recent years in Washington, DC. The budget will not require President Obama’s signature, and will balance the debt in ten years.
  6. A bill that promotes energy efficiency. Look at countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The reason they are so absurdly wealthy is their strong energy program. The United States has that potential, and energy industry  growth would create thousands of high paying jobs.

These bills have more of an effect of your life than you may think. Find out who your Congressman is today, and tell him what you think, or offer another idea you would like to become a law. This is what democracy is all about!