Bush Continues to Focus on Michigan

In politics, there are few greater ways to get a point across than using actual examples. For this reason, politicians tell anecdotes, give personal experiences, and meet with key individuals to show that they are dedicated to a cause, or how they plan to fix a problem. While many candidates in the upcoming presidential elections have spent time traveling to key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Governor Jeb Bush has been traveling a lot to Michigan. Detroit, which used to be a prosperous city in America, filed for bankruptcy in 2013. It is the largest city in America to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, declaring $ 18-20 billion in debt. If you looked at pictures of Detroit in the news, there were unlit streets, abandoned houses, and abandoned buildings. This city, which is the center for car manufacturing in the United States, is a symbol to many of the economic decline and stagnation felt by many other cities. The Michigan House of Representatives formed a special committee to help get Detroit back on track, and help the once prosperous city to recover. But the real problem, is the economy in general. So, with this backdrop, Governor Jeb Bush has traveled to Detroit and other parts of Michigan to make a point for his Right to Rise PAC, which is about restoring conservative principles to help cities, like Detroit, return to their former glory. Bush speaks about how every person has the right to work hard, and achieve their own version of the American dream. “We believe passionately that the Right to Rise- to move up the income ladder based on merit, hard work, and earned success- is the central moral promise of American economic life,” writes the PAC. Bush is focusing his PAC, and his campaign, on this very issue: the economy. As this is the number one issue for many Americans, he is using Detroit to get this point across, and to offer people who are out of jobs and out of hope examples of how he plans to get the economy back on track through his leadership. While he was Governor of Florida, he did just this, and through campaigning through cities that have been especially hurt from economic stagnation, he is sure to touch a chord with a lot of people. Furthermore, Bush believes that many people are conservatives, but they just have not been asked to join the conservative cause. He plans to reach out to these voters, and get them to join him as he plans to restore American prosperity, and give every person the “right to rise.”