From Congressman to Senator to Governor, Vitter Keeps Rising

Many of you may not know the name Senator David Vitter. He is the senior Senator from Louisiana, and right now, is also running for Governor of Louisiana. That makes four Republican Senators who are seeking a different level of office. Here is the background of Senator Vitter, and the legacy he may leave behind in the Senate.

Senator Vitter graduated from Harvard, then was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, and then went to law school at Tulane University. He then entered politics almost right away, serving in the Louisiana House of Representatives for six years. Vitter then immediately segued into a bigger office, the US House of Representatives. While serving in the House, Vitter announced he would run for Governor of Louisiana. At just 41, he may have won his election, but the Louisiana Weekly published a story that exposed his relationship with a prostitute. The Governor hopeful then dropped out of the race to work on his marriage with his wife, but that did not stop him from running for the Senate instead of Governor.

The scandals did not stop while Vitter was Senator. His phone number was outed from the DC Madame List, an agency for call girls in Washington, DC. Vitter gave a press conference, where he stood next to his wife, and asked for forgiveness. She also spoke, but refused to take questions. The party did not force his resignation, which Democrats thought unfair because it would have given a Democrat his seat. Vitter’s district seemed to forgive Vitter, which is an important lesson to future politicians. While it seems that there is always a political scandal, the best action is to apologize rather than to lie. Politicians are people too, and are also subject to mistakes. Vitter’s scandal, unlike Anthony Weiner, did not inhibit his career, and now he plans to go even higher on the political food chain.

So, as Vitter runs for Governor, it can be expected that a run for President is not out of the question in the future. He has been in the public office for most of his life, and is most definitely a career politician. He has the support of many Tea Party members, and takes a strong stand against pro-choice and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Furthermore, he was one of the two senators (the other Senator Jim DeMint,) who voted against the nomination of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Vitter was also one of the six senate Republicans who tried to stop the FCC from enforcing net neutrality under the pretense that it violates the first amendment.

One thing that is for sure about Senator Vitter, he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong, and he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Many times, he has voted against his own party, and many times he has also backed down to go with the majority. If Vitter does not win this Gubernatorial election, he will most likely continue to serve as a senior Senator. If he does, it would not be a surprise if he then went higher, and ran for president in eight years. Keep your eye on this one, for it seems like his political career is just starting to heat up.