The Power of Senator Orrin Hatch

While I was in New York City today, I saw three secret service cars pull up. A black SUV drove up, and the door was promptly open, letting out a tall, white haired man in a suit. With a closer look, I thought it may be Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah. Back in my car, there was quickly a knock and a member of the security asked me if I was planning to move. I asked him if the person who just got out was indeed this senator. He looked at me, pretty surprised, and said it was him. I then asked why he had so much security, as he was not part of Congressional Leadership. “Senator Hatch is third in line to being President of the United States,” he told me. I was shocked, and then I realized just how much power he had.

In the United States government, there is a system of power that many voters do not know about. There is a line of command that ensures there will always be a president. If the President is removed from office, his Vice President is immediately sworn in. If then the Vice President is removed, the Speaker of the House is sworn in, and then, apparently, it would be Orrin Hatch. So, with the current list of power, it is President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Senator Orrin Hatch. For this reason, Senator Hatch had four cars protecting him. The relatively unknown Senator actually is one of the most important people in the United States. Senator Hatch holds this power, because he is the most senior Senator in the Republican party, which is the majority.

Besides this new power, Senator Orrin Hatch has a lot of other significant roles in the Senate that many people may not know about. He is the chairman of the Finance Committee, which basically means he has the most power regarding bills about taxes and revenue. It also tackles Medicare and Medicaid, health programs, and ports of entry. As the economy is the number one issue for Americans, he again holds a very important position.

While Americans often look at the President when it comes to politics, it is easy to forget that the United States is composed of a system that separates power. Most Americans do not know the name Senator Hatch, and he has a huge part in their everyday lives. I wonder what his meeting, in a huge skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan was about. Because he is more under the radar, there was no news crew to meet him and question him. And ironically, he could have been meeting about something that was newsworthy, and will have an affect on American politics.