May 22


Patience is a Virtue

It is really no secret that Governor Jeb Bush will run for president. He has been aggressively fundraising, giving speeches, and is already under attack for being a brother to a former president. So, what is Bush waiting for?

Unfortunately in politics, money is king and whoever can out campaign the other, more than likely wins. Money is what buys attack ads, signs, bumper stickers, a staff- the list goes on and on. While Bush already has name recognition, so he is going to have to be extremely clear of how he is different from his brother, and what exactly he will do if he is elected president. He will need a cohesive platform, and a strategic travel schedule in key states if he wants to make it all the way to the White House. If it comes down to Clinton and Bush, both are going to have to separate themselves from a very famous name, while also using it to their advantage.

There are many who do not like Governor Bush. They want new names, new candidates, and new promises. Bush, however, has been surprising a lot of people. Furthermore, he has used his time as a still unofficial candidate to explain who he is, what he has accomplished, and what he will do in the future as president. Now, as he found out his mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s, he has asked the people for help, giving an email address for any suggestions or tips to deal with this heartbreaking disease. Bush does not see himself as above the people, but part of the people, and wants to use his experience and leadership to help people.

Bush has learned from many other Republican candidates, most notably Mitt Romney, and is not allowing himself to be put into a box. He is stating exactly what he believes in, and doing so unapologetically. It is clear that Bush believes in conservative principles, and wants to apply these principles to help the economy and bring back the American dream. His Right to Rise PAC is all about this, and he has legislative solutions that he promises will produce results if he is elected. And of course, Bush has a large hispanic following. He is fluent in Spanish, and met his wife while he was volunteering in Mexico. Independent PAC’s, such as Vamos for Jeb, are rallying the hispanic support for Jeb.

Politics is a game, and Bush is checking his cards, waiting for the perfect moment, and may just win. Patience is a virtue, and instead of jumping into the race, Bush is strategically putting all the pieces into place.