May 15

Missouri House Speaker Resigns Over “Sexting”

In the ever present political scandals that make House of Cards seem like it is real, Missouri Speaker of the House was forced to resign over sexting with a 19 year old intern in his office. You would think that as so many politicians lose their whole careers and become infamous over this very issue, they would refrain from such acts. But as human nature shows, sometimes the temptation is just too strong.

John Diehl’s conversation goes like this: 

The intern responds: “Mmm why can’t I be there :)”

Diehl: “I was thinking abut [sic] what you said you wear to bed”

Intern: “Nothing (winking face emoji)”

Diehl: “Same”

Intern: “Oh is that so? I’ll find out soon enough”

Diehl: “Ya think (emoji with winking face and tongue sticking out)”

Intern: “I hope so”

Diehl: “Mmmmm”

Intern: “(winking emoji) (blowing kisses emoji)”

Diehl: “I am soooo distracted right now”

Intern: “How bad? ;)”

Diehl: “Very bad. You would be in trouble if you were here”

The intern had the Congressman saved in her phonebook as “Frank Underwood.”

Seriously, you just cannot even make this stuff up.