May 15


Dear Elephant News

Dear Elephant News,

Are all Republicans against abortion?

Women’s rights

Dear Women’s rights,

Yes, there are many Republicans who are against abortion and want it to be completely illegal in United States. This issue is one that keeps many voters out of the GOP, and the pro life versus pro choice debate is a very hot. In the wake of the pro life rally that happened this week in Washington, DC, the House passed legislation that would keep taxpayer money from paying for abortions. The original bill was much more extreme, but Republican moderates and women protested. This issue is causing a rift in the party, as many women are saying there should be more of a discussion and the need to represent constituents.

Many Americans believe that abortion should be illegal after 20 weeks. The problem, however, is that there is limited funding for preventative measures. Planned Parenthood and other clinics are constantly under attack and shutdown. If there could be more of an effort for prevention, such as access to birth control and the Abortion medical pill, then abortion after 20 weeks would not be needed. Education about safe sex is also crucial. If there is an unwanted pregnancy into a family that cannot afford a baby, they often have to receive support from the government, another hot topic for Republicans. If women had tools to decide when they wanted a baby and bring a newborn into a family with structure and safety, then taxpayers would not have to pay as much for welfare and other government resources. Again, regardless of your religious view, it is a persons personal choice and only God can be their judge. The constant fight over abortion is very important, and the objections of many women in the House show that part of the party could be shifting their point of view.

Politically yours,
Elephant News