Huckabee Takes Another Swing at Presidency

Who is Mike Huckabee? For many of you who do not watch Fox News, he had a show on the channel. Before that, he was Governor of Arkansas, and then ran for president in 2008. Others may know him as a Baptist pastor, or an author of several books. Maybe, you listen to his radio show. But as of right now, Huckabee you may know him as yet another Republican candidate for the 2016 election. This time, he will have a large personal sum of money to fall back on, and is relying on new SuperPac rules that will give him more money for an effective campaign. So, what does Huckabee bring to the mix? And can he get enough votes to make it as the Republican candidate?

Huckabee most definitely will appeal to the far right Republicans. He is anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion including incest and rape, anti-gun control, anti-taxation, pro military spending, anti-Obamacareand wants to build a fence along the entire southern border for immigration. control. He will have to go against other Tea Party and Fox News favorites, however, such as Senator Ted Cruz. Huckabee, however, has turned into quite a political celebrity, and this could help him in his election. Furthermore, he received 48% of the African American vote, in his 1998 election in Arkansas. These numbers are in his favor, and if he also has the right funds, he could be a top runner in the primary race.
A large component of any race is to get out the vote, which is why name recognition is so important. Candidates spend so much money on advertisements and signs to make a voter remember them come November 5th. Huckabee has this presence, and he also has a very loyal, very active vote base. The hardest part of the race will be to get those on the fence voters, who may be socially more liberal that Huckabee’s views.