From Confusion Comes Clarity

Nothing shows the deep factions within the Republican Party quite like the upcoming 2016 election. Already, there are five official candidates for the primary. These include Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, Governor Mike Huckabee from Arkansas, Ben Carson from Florida, and Carly Fiorina from California. Furthermore, we can expect Governor Jeb Bush, and possibly Governor Chris Christie, Governor Rick Perry, and Governor Scott Walker. That makes a total of ten candidates, not including other wildcards that will surely enter the mix.

Tea Party, Conservative, Libertarian, Moderates- all of these candidates will have a different support group with different campaign platforms. At this point, and given the differences within the party, there really is no clear frontrunner in comparison to the Democrat Party, which will more than likely select Hillary Clinton to run for their party.

Although this may seem negative, it really shows the change that is happening within the Republican Party. If all the candidates could be put into a blender, mixed into one front runner, the GOP might have a better understanding of a strong, cohesive platform to represent the entire party. For right now, however, there is so much dissonance it seems impossible that Republicans will ever all agree on one person. By 2016, there may be a better agreement on what represents the core for red voters. From all of this confusion will come clarity, and the stack of politicians and wildcards will prove to be a very interesting primary race, and one that will determine the future of the GOP. The only thing as of right now that all Republicans can agree on, is anyone would be better that Hillary. This at least, is a start in the right direction.