The Time is Now for Republicans

In 2008, it looked like a bad future for the Republican Party. With a new president, who made promises of affordable health care, of new economic opportunities, and the end of a war in the Middle East, there was fire support for the Democrats. Majority of youth voters across the country vowed their support for President Barack Obama, for the Democrat ideals, and for a better tomorrow through liberal policies. Take from the rich, give to the poor would create jobs for everyone, would bring opportunities for everyone, would give a life to everyone. Republicans were quickly branded as an out of touch party, as one full of greedy Scrouges who did not care about their neighbor, and were crushing the American dream.

Fast forward seven years later. There is a mere GDP growth of .2%. College graduates, who invested small fortunes in their education, are stuck. Their hope turned to hopelessness. Starting their new life, many millennials have returned to their homes, living in their parents basements, and despite a perfect resume and an even more perfect cover letter, find that their dreams are out of reach.

With this environment, you would think that millennials would wonder what has happened? What happened to their parents stories, of graduating college, immediately finding a job, buying a house, and building their lives? Would you not expect that the people who are being robbed from the government, would not realize that it is the current administration, and in fact not the Republicans?

While social issues have a great deal to do with the insistence to turn away from the GOP, those are slowly changing. Many Republicans, one by one, are showing a change of heart. These are human rights, of course, but I think the greater human right is realizing your dream deferred, and demanding through democracy that it is returned.

States with Republican leadership have decreased their deficit and have lower unemployment rates than Democrat states. The Republicans won a landslide election in the 2015 House and Senate elections, and this was mainly due to the constant persistence in stressing that the newly elected GOP candidates would push for jobs. Jobs are, in fact, the number one issue for a majority of Americans. While Republicans have been branded as big business money stealers, it has slowly emerged that they are in fact the small businesses, burdened by the complex tax code and Obamacare regulations.

And now, after the past Baltimore riots along with the continued economic stagnation, the time is now for Republicans to reach to the millennials and show them that they in fact will provide a better tomorrow. Not through lofty speeches, but through House and Senate bills that are actually brought to the floor and voted on. From a balanced budget, the first one to be proposed since 2001. If millennials could look past the media bias, for one second, past the Republican brand, they could see something different. They could see action rather than words. Look at Baltimore, a city under Democrat control for decades. In fact, recent statistics show the most unsafe cities to be under Democrat control. Let us pull the wool off of our eyes, and not go with what is “cool,” but what will help us realize our own potential, and live it.