Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 31

From Congressman to Senator to Governor, Vitter Keeps Rising

Many of you may not know the name Senator David Vitter. He is the senior Senator from Louisiana, and right now, is also running for Governor of Louisiana. That makes four Republican Senators who are seeking a different level of office. Here is the background of Senator Vitter, and the legacy he may leave behind […]

May 29

The Power of Senator Orrin Hatch

While I was in New York City today, I saw three secret service cars pull up. A black SUV drove up, and the door was promptly open, letting out a tall, white haired man in a suit. With a closer look, I thought it may be Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah. Back in my car, there […]

May 26

Why is Paul Fighting the NSA? For You

Last week, Senator Rand Paul spoke ten and a half hours on the senate floor in order to delay the vote for the extension of the Patriot Act, otherwise known as the law that makes it legal for the US government to listen to your calls and go through your emails. While many believe that […]

May 22

Patience is a Virtue

It is really no secret that Governor Jeb Bush will run for president. He has been aggressively fundraising, giving speeches, and is already under attack for being a brother to a former president. So, what is Bush waiting for? Unfortunately in politics, money is king and whoever can out campaign the other, more than likely wins. […]

May 21

Senator Rand Paul Takes It to the Floor

Senator Rand Paul made headlines, for the second time, due to a lengthy speech yesterday and into last night that lasted ten hours and thirty minutes. Yes, he spoke on the senate floor this entire time with no breaks, in order to bring attention to this week’s vote for the Patriot Act, which is due […]

May 15

Dear Elephant News

Dear Elephant News, Are all Republicans against abortion? From, Women’s rights Dear Women’s rights, Yes, there are many Republicans who are against abortion and want it to be completely illegal in United States. This issue is one that keeps many voters out of the GOP, and the pro life versus pro choice debate is a […]

May 15

Republicans Continue Fight Against Obamacare

In the ever present battle to defund, derail, and deactivate Obamacare, Republicans are issuing another strategy, and this time it is to let states opt out of Obamacare mandates. As many Americans forget our country is based on the balance of power between the federal and state governments, this is actually not too bad of […]

May 15

Missouri House Speaker Resigns Over “Sexting”

In the ever present political scandals that make House of Cards seem like it is real, Missouri Speaker of the House was forced to resign over sexting with a 19 year old intern in his office. You would think that as so many politicians lose their whole careers and become infamous over this very issue, […]

May 09

Rand Paul Reaches Out to Black Caucus for Reform

Before Senator Rand Paul declared he would be seeking the Republican presidential nomination, he already began his quest to incorporate African American votes. In particular, Paul is an advocate for criminal reform, in particular for allowing felons the right to vote. He said that as a Christian, he believes in second chances, and thinks that […]

May 07

Who is Carly Fiorina?

Carly Fiorina has never held public office, but she thinks that her background is enough to run for president. This Republican emerged on the scenes at CPAC, and has slowly been building her base to be a viable candidate for 2016. So, who is Carly Fiorina? Fiorina’s most notable achievement is that she was the […]