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April 16

Rubio Rises

Rush Limbaugh is a very popular radio host. With million of listeners, he delivers fire and brimstone speeches that get his audience extremely fired up. For this reason, he has a lot of influence when it comes to election cycles, and more importantly, in choosing a candidate from the primaries. Limbaugh is not the only […]

April 14

Paul Holds His Ground Against Biased Interview

It is almost incredible how the media twists candidates words, their actions, and their past in order to find a point of attack. Recently, it is that Senator Rand Paul is “sexist,” for responding with a “testy” tone to two women news anchors, not surprisingly, from NBC and CNBC. In particular, the interview with CNBC […]

April 14

Don’t Be Fooled

The American media has gone from facts to opinions. It is amazing to me to read different websites and their “reporting,” and how easily it is to tell if they are Democrat or Republican. This makes “facts,” completely subjective, and is propaganda rather than news. As I am Republican, I chose the name Elephant News […]

April 13

The Biggest Enemy of the Republican Party is the Republican Party

There is always a certain shock value when I am out somewhere and when people ask me what I do, and I say I started a Republican news website. The air catches in their throat, they eye me and immediately put me into a box. Oh, a Republican, one of those crazy, fanatics from Fox […]

April 13

Just Who Is Scott Walker?

Who is Scott Walker? If you are not familiar with conservative talk shows or did not attend CPAC, you might be wondering what all the buzz is around a certain Scott Walker, whose name has been thrown on the list forĀ potentialĀ GOP presidential candidates. So, who is Scott Walker, and why does he have so much […]

April 11

A Realistic View of 2016

It is one of the most exciting times for us Americans: the presidential elections. These elections are like the Super Bowl of politics, everyone gets on a team and roots for them all the way to the end. So, before it even gets started, before we get polls and ratings and campaign heat, let’s look […]

April 09

Cruz Revolution

Senator Ted Cruz has a very clear campaign strategy: ignite conservatives to take action. The young senator won his election in Texas for the senate by doing just this, motivating grassroots organizations to take action, and fight for the ideals he represents. Through this movement, he gained a lot of media attention and a loyal […]

April 07

The Hidden Meaning Behind Cruz Response

Shortly after Senator Rand Paul’s announcement, Senator Ted Cruz wrote a response. It is not one that you would think, however. Most candidates immediately take the gloves out, and start to fight. Cruz, however, welcomed his comrade in the senate to the race, stating that he worked with Paul on many issues, and his entrance […]

April 07

Rand Paul: “Defeat the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream”

For a year, there has been constant speculation whether Senator Rand Paul would run for the president or not. He gave comments that alluded to it, sponsored legislation that would support it, and now has officially announced that he will be running for the presidency. Senator Rand Paul set up his announcement with a lot […]

Take a Tour With Me Around DC

Take a Tour With Me Around DC