April 30

“A Culture of Opportunity”

House Republicans gave their weekly leadership briefing today where Speaker of the House John Boehner opened with “here in the people’s house we continue to get things done for the American people.” He spoke about how they enacted entitlement reform, are focusing on cyber security, and today will pass a balanced budget plan that has not happened since 2001. The Republicans believe that the budget should focus on the middle class, in particular to fix the broken tax code, revitalize America’s energy potential, and solve Washington’s spending problem.

Boehner then addressed President Obama’s desire to lift sanctions on Iran. Regarding these talks, he said this week Iran seized a vessel in neutral waters. The new Iranian leader said economic sanctions will be lifted days after the deal is signed. Boehner emphasized that none of these recent events should be taken lightly, and the House aims to pass a bill that requires Congressional approval before Iran sanctions are lifted.

Boehner then turned his talking points to Baltimore. While the president said more tax payer money is the answer, the House GOP believes the answer are more jobs and opportunities. The Speaker continued that from what he has seen around the country this approach is not working, and that politicians need to ask the question of what is working and what is not working. Republicans believe that by education more Americans and through creating economic policies that expand more jobs, we can create a culture of opportunity rather than dependency. Congressman Paul Ryan, in particular, is focused on bringing Americans out of poverty through economic reform.

Republicans have been focused for the past two years on creating jobs, on limiting the size of the government, and of course, defunding Obamacare. This week, however, the result of the Baltimore riots show the need more than ever to truly reform the economic system in America, and amend failed liberal policies to get America working again.