April 29

Baltimore Riots Show the Need for Economic Revival

Last week, we saw Baltimore go up in flames. Many African Americans in Baltimore, Maryland, took their oppression to the streets. After the death of a 25 year old from police brutality, this community decided enough was enough. They have succeeded in getting the nation’s attention, but how do we move forward?

I think these riots were a cause of economic despair in the lower classes. The solution, however, is not more liberal policies, but the opposite. There has been seven years of a Democrat president, who promised an economic turn around, and a better America. The result is a huge federal debt, and a slow growth economy. Furthermore, as this low income group cannot find a way out, they are constantly belittled and discriminated by the police force. The growth of the police state, and the power of this group has led to corruption with little accountability. The riots were a cry for help, and it is time that politicians listened. It is also time for low income groups to look at liberal policies with all of their promises, and decide if they have really improved the lives of many Americans. From this past week, I would say that the answer is no.

So, how do we turn around from this? First and foremost, there needs to be total transparency and accountability for police. Like Ferguson and other events from the past few years, there really is no excuse for the mistaken killing of an innocent American. There have been many articles written about this, but it is time that those who hold the power start to listen, and demand responsibility for actions by the police, the same way that a citizen would have to be responsible if he accidentally killed someone.

Second, America’s economy has to turn around. This turnaround does not happen from increased taxes and increased government hand outs, but from lower taxes, from an incentive for small businesses to grow, and for people to have good paying jobs available for them. As the federal government grows, as more government programs are made, the small businesses which are the backbone of America are squeezed out. Soon, you have a huge divide between the rich and the poor. This is not from Republican economic policies, but from Democrat economic policies. A reformed tax code is a good place to start, and also balanced budget from the federal government. None of these have happened under Democrat leadership in the White House, and it is time that Americans wake up.

The road that America is on is not working. While it works to sell the vision of hope and a better life for everyone, action speaks louder than words. Is your life better now from seven years ago? Is the economy better? Now, more than ever, is a need for change. Not change from more spending, but from less spending, from the government stepping out of the way and allowing the natural hand of capitalism to regrow America, to allow for new, better paying jobs, and for people to have the chance to rise from their own situation. Handouts are a bandaid to the real problem, and until the economy is actually healed, I am sure there will be more riots like the ones in Baltimore. Everyone needs to be aware of this next time they go to the polls, and not be misled by empty rhetoric that lead to no results.