After Long Silence, Bush Speaks Up

President George W. Bush has been off the radar since he finished his second term as president, and returned to Preston Hollow in Dallas, Texas. He focused his attention on the construction of his presidential library on Southern Methodist University’s campus, and has repeatedly said that history will determine his legacy. Well, as ISIS continues to grow and threaten the United States and our allies, as well as the recent Iran talks to lift economic sanctions. It is no secret that Iran is a direct threat to Israel, our ally in the tumultuous region, as well as the United States itself. While President Obama wants to turn the page with Iran, directly giving a video message to the people that he wants a new type of relationship with the country, many are skeptical that Iran will use the new money from the lifted sanctions to buy the rest of the materials needed to complete their nuclear bomb. This seems like common sense, but the Obama administration insists that Iran had a change of heart.

Over last weekend, President George W. Bush spoke to a group of Jewish Republicans in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this closed door event, Bush spoke to donors about how his name is a disadvantage for his brother, but promised that Hillary Clinton is beatable. He also addressed Iran sanctions, saying that they should not be lifted in a tumultuous Middle East. Bush said he will stay out of the campaign spotlight, but is hopeful that the Republicans can win this race.