When Will Bush Announce His Run?

Despite not officially announcing his run for the presidency, Governor Jeb Bush is up against all other GOP contenders in the polls. For this reason, why has he not announced his run for the presidency, and when will he?

After speaking to a political analyst, the answer is clear: time. Bush is slow to announce his run for presidency, as it takes some pressure off, especially when it comes to the media. If you look at the candidates so far, they already are grilled. The spotlight shines so brightly on them, monitoring their every move, every meeting, and every event to analyze the motives and speculate the outcome. Bush comes from a political power house, with top donors and advisors. As the primaries are still some time away, he is waiting to pull back the curtain and reveal his campaign. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race, and Bush is doing just that. As he takes his time, he can slowly build his political base and supporters, and with this base then go on the defense against his opponents and his critics. There is no doubt that Bush will not run, as his speeches, media appearances, and new support from his mother all point to that direction. This move is purely strategic, and important in getting to the end goal which is hopefully for him the presidency.

There is a different approach from Bush than the other GOP contenders. The three senators who have declared their run are mavericks in the senate, they are quick to speak up and the loudest on the senate floor. This leadership may not translate to the presidency, as can be seen with President Obama’s leadership. Senators are used to pushing so hard on an issue, refusing to compromise, and not stopping until their bill becomes law. Obama took this approach with Obamacare, and the result is clear in his current approval ratings. For this reason, it is no surprise that it is all senators who have quickly spoken up and run away with their campaigns. It is also no surprise that it is governors who are taking their time, such as Bush, Walker, and Christie, to announce their own presidential bid.

The three branches all take a different type of political strategy. Rubio, Cruz, Paul, and Clinton really reflect that they are used to speaking on the senate floor, while Bush, Walker, and Christie show that they are used to being executives of a state. The political campaign is the most important part of the run for presidency, but more important is the type of politics you portray in the White House. Think about President Obama, think about his time in the senate versus in the White House, and then look at the candidates through this lens.

Bush will eventually announce his run, and it will most likely be from a strong political foundation. While he is far ahead in the polls, this might have been a more effective strategy.