April 21

Senator Rand Paul Still Busy in Senate

Although Senator Rand Paul will now be using ever minute he can to run for president, he is not letting the campaign get in the way of his job in the senate. After coming into the spotlight over drone attacks on Americans, Paul has been very busy with legislation. He proposed a bill for infrastructure, for auditing the Fed, sued Obama for the NSA-just to name a few. Now, Paul introduced FOCUS, a bill to again, limit government overreach. Government overreach has been a huge theme for Paul during his time in political office.

Senator Rand Paul and his Kentucky colleague, Senator Mitch McConnell, introduced this legislation in opposition to the Lacey Act from 1900. The Lacey Act forbids trafficking of illegal wildlife, fish, and plants between state lines. This law, however, has grown to a very broad interpretation, where small businesses are attacked for trade. FOCUS will take out any reference to “foreign law,” that is used in the Lacey Act to prosecute Americans.

This law basically comes down to trade and limits the amount of fines a person can get as well as the guidelines. It is an example of restructuring government law in order to protect American rights and limit the power of federal government.