April 21



On the day of Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement, the New York Post had a front page that you would not expect for a New York based campaign. The cover had a picture of Hillary Clinton looking frantic, and was titled, “Hill No.” The title continues, “Clinton’s stale presidential plan wrong for nation.”
The article continues that although Hillary Clinton had a very strict plan to run for the presidency, following her close finish in the Democrat primaries to President Barack Obama, as one that is stuck in the past.
Clinton started her career as first lady, then turned to senator, then to presidential hopeful, then to Secretary of State, and now again, is running for president. After her first loss in becoming the first female president, she strategically gifted a statue of female suffragists to the Capitol, with one statue that has a blank space. This space is meant to be filled in for the first woman president, and it looks like Hillary gave a statue meant for herself, and has been waiting for this moment the whole time.
While we can all agree it is time for a female president, Clinton’s career path looks too desperate. It seems that she was planning this run since she entered the White House as first lady. It is ironic, however, that while having this goal in mind, she would accept millions of dollars for speeches, and accept money from foreign governments. Furthermore, the recent email scandal has not done her any favors, as there are so many question marks about whether she is trying to be a public servant, or trying to make millions from holding public office.
For these reasons, there is now a campaign called “HillNo,” and surprisingly, it is full of young millennials. People are tired of political scandals, of political corruption, and lack of transparency. Clinton has made millions off of being in office, and while most people cannot even find a job, this seems incredibly out of touch. This election is the Republicans chance to get back the vote of those who normally vote Democrat, but absolutely do not want Hillary Clinton in office. As the election gets closer, you might see an increased number of Hill No bumper stickers, and the result would be an election that switches to the Republicans.