This Week in Review

Two more candidates entered the race. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democrat side, and Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. There are four official candidates, including Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz. Clinton will obviously get the nomination for the Democrats, but the GOP primary is totally up in the air. There is no clear front runner, but a lot of strong candidates with very loyal supporters. Governor Jeb Bush has not announced his candidacy yet, and there are still some other governors who are expected to run.

The Republican party finds itself in an ironic situation, that there are so many good candidates but not one clear winner. The past two elections with Senator McCain and Governor Romney, it seemed like the GOP was searching for candidates. Now, there are so many this race will most likely be one of the most competitive in history. Furthermore, it is up against Hillary Clinton. Clinton has the most name recognition, but she also has a lot of skeletons in her closet. The Republican candidate, therefore, will have to have a strong, comprehensive campaign, get one section of the minority vote, and appeal to Independents. Whoever can do this best will have a chance defeating Hillary Clinton, as her campaign already has a lot of grey areas and question marks.