Rubio Rises

Rush Limbaugh is a very popular radio host. With million of listeners, he delivers fire and brimstone speeches that get his audience extremely fired up. For this reason, he has a lot of influence when it comes to election cycles, and more importantly, in choosing a candidate from the primaries. Limbaugh is not the only one with influence who likes Rubio. Fox News anchors are in his favor, and sources say that he is backed by the influential Koch Brothers.

Since Rubio’s announcement that he would run, he has surprised many people through his electric speeches. He was chosen two years ago to give the response to the State of the Union, and was a rising star in the senate. Once his immigration bill went south, he quickly backed away from it and looked instead towards foreign policy. This background helps, but what will set Rubio apart is his personality. He is definitely likable, and there is always a positive reaction to his speeches and his interviews. Personality goes a far way in elections, and the ability to charm a crowd is crucial for an election. A perfect example is Romney versus Obama. Obama got the crowd moving, and that had more of an effect than what he actually said. If Rubio can win the media, and slowly win some voters while also winning donors, he may surprise everyone and rise all the way to the nomination.

In an interview with Rush Limbaugh two years ago, he said, “I am confident, I really am, maybe people don’t share this confidence, I am confident that, given a fair chance, I can convince most Americans, including Americans of Hispanic decent, that limited government and free enterprise is better for them and better for their upward mobility than Big Government is.” If Rubio can actually bridge this gap, and incorporate hispanics into the party, it will be a huge benefit for the vote against Hillary Clinton. That is the end goal, and a point we Republicans should all be aware of when we are deciding on our candidate.