April 14

Don’t Be Fooled

The American media has gone from facts to opinions. It is amazing to me to read different websites and their “reporting,” and how easily it is to tell if they are Democrat or Republican. This makes “facts,” completely subjective, and is propaganda rather than news. As I am Republican, I chose the name Elephant News for this purpose, because I will not write an article that is not somehow biased to favor the GOP. Americans needs to be aware of this and when they watch the news, realize that the point of view from the “journalist” always comes out, and that websites such asmic.com versus breitbart.com lean to completely different parties. The problem with this is that people read or watch the news and understand “facts” which are actually opinions. From this, they go on to argue with someone from another point of view, and there can be absolutely no resolution because as we are taught in school, facts cannot be argued.

This is a huge problem in the media right now, and it is further dividing our country. Again the partisan fighting in Washington does not come down to the politicians, but many times to the people. We should be aware of the new kind of news that glorifies opinions, and is in no way shape or form facts. Debate is crucial for democracy to survive, but to properly date you have to be open to other peoples’ points of view. A fact cannot be argued, but there is a huge difference between opinions and facts. To get some facts, go to CSPAN or politicians websites to see their press releases.