April 13

The Biggest Enemy of the Republican Party is the Republican Party

There is always a certain shock value when I am out somewhere and when people ask me what I do, and I say I started a Republican news website. The air catches in their throat, they eye me and immediately put me into a box. Oh, a Republican, one of those crazy, fanatics from Fox News who are constantly stopping things from happening in Washington. After a long conversation, where I explain that I am in fact not psycho, not racist, and believe in equal rights for women, I am allowed to stay at the party, and they even offer to get me a drink.

So, what is a Republican? Surprisingly, I do not think Republicans even know. You can be a Republican, but be for gay marriage and are pro choice, and there goes a good portion of your fellow party that would stand next to you. You can be a Republican, but more of a Libertarian so you are against Middle East intervention, and there goes another good portion of your fellow party, and this time they might start screaming at you. You can be a Republican and be for the second amendment and for pro choice, and a good portion of your fellow party might take a few steps away, but could stand to be in the same room as you.

Conservatives, Neo-Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians, Tea Party, the Good Ol’ Boys, the list goes on and often overlaps. It is a puzzle of its own to try and navigate between what it means to fall under the name Republican, and for this reason, the biggest enemy of the Republican party is in fact the Republican party itself. We’re like a team where the defense is constantly fighting with the offense, and the mid-fielders are floating around from side to side, and while we are fighting the other team is shooting goal after goal. Getting through the Republican primary to run for president is the hardest part of the race for the Republican. One state the candidate is for gay marriage, the other state they have to be against it. One state they are for climate change, the other state they are against it. Governor Mitt Romney, who could have easily won his election, literally handed President Obama a piece of cake, as the attack ads showed contradiction after contradiction Romney said just trying to get through the first level.

So, in a time where people’s mouths drop when I tell them I am a Republican, I remain true to the red amidst the blue for this simple reason: the American dream. I believe that America is truly unique because it was founded on the principles of limited government, a government by the people, for the people. With this foundation, people chose to come here in order to make their own life. Keyword here, they are in charge of what they do. If they land on Plymouth Rock and there is no food to be found, work hard until you figure it out. If you are traveling across America on the Oregon trail and you find you are out of water, figure it out. If you decide to start a company and you find that you are bankrupt, figure it out. It is about self determination. There are countless stories of people who started with nothing, and found everything. It is not the idea that because someone has more than you, you deserve a fair share. It is the pride you feel every night your head hits the pillow that you put food on the table, that you gave someone a helping hand, that you made an impact in your community, that you made a difference. Not the government, but you.

The 2014 elections were a landslide. America was sold on the whole idea of hope and new opportunities, but what they found was more debt, less jobs, and more problems. Obamacare with all of its promises has crippled many small businesses. People are so against executive amnesty, that President Obama conveniently waited until after the elections to roll it out. For the record, Americans were not fooled. But as soon as the new Congress was sworn in, the Republican party started beating itself down again. Pointing fingers at each other instead of reaching out their hand, and coming to terms of what they can do to move America forward. And, for the record, what they can do is to limit the growing bureaucracy and let the private markets unfold naturally.

As a person who is very religious, I have always said that God is my only judge. As a person who is very Republican, I always say that the government should get out of my wallet and get out of my bedroom. If everyone focused on their own selves, their careers, and their families, they would not care if someone married another of the same sex or of a different sex. They would not care if someone decided to get an abortion or not. In fact, if they were that religious, they would say a prayer that they hope God is good to them and wish them the best. A limited government, limited taxes, strong economy, simple tax code, strong defense, are the cores of what it means to be a Republican. The rhetoric, the name calling, the labeling, the finger pointing has got to go. Every time a person does not vote for a Republican candidate that does not tick every single box they also are in, they are voting Democrat. Let us, as a party, have a conversation instead of a debate and agree on one thing: we believe in America. We want this country to continue to grow, to innovate, to invent, and to motivate. We want everyone to have a great education and the opportunity to achieve all of their hopes and their dreams, but through their own work and effort. We want to take care of those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, and make sure they are properly taken care of. We want to have affordable healthcare picked on our own time, choose our own doctor, and let the private sector work for us instead of a government official. We want immigration, but done in a legal environment that is fare to all those who want to become citizens. We want to uphold the constitution and the amendments our forefathers gave us, and make sure that our children and our grandchildren know what it is like to live in the best country in the world.

So, as we enter the election cycle, let us put down are swords. Let us all clear up the confusion surrounding Republican politics, and focus on what this country needs: the need for jobs and repealing Obamacare. As soon as we stop fighting internally, we can start reshaping America and bringing back that America dream. Stop with the rhetoric, and start with action. Be an example of a new kind of Republican, that wants to hear what others have to say, and is so confident in their own beliefs that maybe, just maybe, you will sit down next to that person who thinks differently than you, and call them your friend.