April 13

Just Who Is Scott Walker?

Who is Scott Walker?

If you are not familiar with conservative talk shows or did not attend CPAC, you might be wondering what all the buzz is around a certain Scott Walker, whose name has been thrown on the list for potential GOP presidential candidates. So, who is Scott Walker, and why does he have so much attention?

Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin, a usually democrat leaning state. Expressing the interest to run for politics at the mere age of 22, he served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and as the Milwaukee County Executive before his governorship. In his early years, he expressed the need to cut taxes and reform welfare. He was also tough on crime, contributing to prison overcrowding by writing a bill that lengthened prison sentences. Walker also is 100% pro life and anti gay marriage. He formed this platform during his long tenure before he became governor in 2011.

While Walker won the governor race, surprisingly, in a normally Democrat leaning state, he really gained prominence through cutting taxes and his budgets. For those of you who follow state politics, and more importantly for those of you who follow national politics, this is a rare bill to get passed. Moreover, Walker tackled unions for their collective bargaining. While trying to compromise with them first with no result, he kept a hard line and reformed their spending, much to many Democrats’ opposition. He also refused government packages for millions of dollars, the more noteworthy being a $37.6 million dollar grant for the implementation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

So, in conclusion, Walker is an example of a career politician who has not been corrupted by power, and instead is on a crusade to reduce government waste, taxes, and overspending from unions. This is important, in the current political environment, as the federal debt continues to rise, there is no balanced budget offered by Democrats, and there continues to be few jobs and a slow growth economy. Many Americans are out of work and out of hope, and the number one issue they are looking for in a candidate is the promise of jobs, with a background that proves results. Walker has achieved thus, but he may be too conservative to win the popular vote. While he is anti gay marriage and anti abortion, many independent voters may oppose him despite the economic promises he can give. In any case, Walker’s rise to prominence shows the culture in America right now, and that is one that wants a reformed White House, with a leader who is going to focus on cutting taxes and creating jobs- not from government created jobs, but from private sector ones.