April 09

Cruz Revolution

Senator Ted Cruz has a very clear campaign strategy: ignite conservatives to take action. The young senator won his election in Texas for the senate by doing just this, motivating grassroots organizations to take action, and fight for the ideals he represents. Through this movement, he gained a lot of media attention and a loyal following, and now he is bringing the momentum to his race for the presidency.
The opening speech of any candidacy is very important, as it lays down the groundwork for the future of the campaign. Everything really boils down to these few lines:
“I want to ask each of you to imagine, imagine millions of courageous conservatives, all across America, rising up to say in unison, ‘we demand our liberty.'”
Right here, Cruz is firing up Christian Conservatives. He is igniting their cause, asking them to stand up for their liberty, to demand it. Cruz made the choice to give his speech the same day as a fellow layer, Patrick Henry, gave one that said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” in the same state of Virginia.
Cruz is subtly comparing himself to this Founding Father. Painting himself as a revolutionary, who is calling on his base of followers to spark a revolution, to return America to its values, and reinstall their values across the country. He paints a picture of prosperity, of innovation, and the realization of the American dream. This grassroots campaigning is hugely effective. The problem, however, is if he can bring that same momentum to the entire Republican party. Will he just have a group of fiery Christina Conservatives, or will he ignite the entire GOP to recapture his version of the American dream?