April 07


The Hidden Meaning Behind Cruz Response

Shortly after Senator Rand Paul’s announcement, Senator Ted Cruz wrote a response. It is not one that you would think, however. Most candidates immediately take the gloves out, and start to fight. Cruz, however, welcomed his comrade in the senate to the race, stating that he worked with Paul on many issues, and his entrance will only make the GOP stronger in their ultimate goal: defeat Hillary Clinton.

While this seems like an olive branch, there may be a deeper motive behind it. Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul will most likely, when the going gets tough, rip each other apart. Giving this positive statement only helps to put Cruz on a pedestal, and show him to be above petty politics. There is no way that Cruz is actually happy Paul entered the race, as Paul has many of the same supporters as Cruz. What Cruz does do, however, is show his strength in his positivity, further helping his campaign and his cause.