April 07

Rand Paul: “Defeat the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream”

For a year, there has been constant speculation whether Senator Rand Paul would run for the president or not. He gave comments that alluded to it, sponsored legislation that would support it, and now has officially announced that he will be running for the presidency.

Senator Rand Paul set up his announcement with a lot of suspense. Hinting at a run, he called on his supporters to change their pictures to the slogan, “Stand with Rand,” and began speaking about how there needed to be a change in Washington. As many think the political system is broken, with a poor approval rating and a slow economy, these statements have for sure already fired his supporters up.

Paul’s father, Senator Rand Paul, sat in the audience. In his speech, Paul spoke about tackling the “Washington Machine,” in order to “unleash the American dream.” He wants to take on big government and the base for his campaign will be reform. Reform the NSA, IRS, Federal Reserve, and other departments that have little accountability and are infringing on American rights. Paul will also appeal to the Hispanic and African American community, asking them what the Democrat party has done for them, and whether they would like a change in their lives as well.

Change is always a popular word amongst politicians, but Paul wants a change that is different than most politicians: he wants for reduce Washington’s power. With his track record, his current legislation, Paul has the bedrock to prove that he would be a viable candidate to do this. Furthermore, Paul is different than most Republicans, as he appeals to the far right as well as moderates, and even independents. If he can full craft a cohesive message, stay steadfast with his ideals, Paul may very well prove himself to be a tough candidate with a good chance ending up at the White House.