April 06


Rand Paul Hints at Run for Presidency

Senator Rand Paul may be the second official Republican candidate, as he alludes to a “special announcement” on April 7, urging his followers to “stand with rand.” On his Facebook, he writes, “Help me send a message the Washington machine can’t ignore.” This really only means one thing, another senator will be joining the race.

Like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul also gained his first media buzz through a lengthy filibuster. This filibuster was in regard to drone attacks on Americans. Paul was very adamant on the need to protect citizens’ lives, and won. From this moment on, Paul quickly tackled more big government, such as the NSA spying on Americans. He went as far to sue the government over this misuse of power. As a doctor, he has always been against Obamacare and promising to continue the fight until there is full repeal. For the economy, Paul spoke out against bailing out Detroit after the city went bankrupt, and is tirelessly working to build up America’s deteriorating infrastructure.

But what makes Senator Rand Paul really different, is his appeal to minority and independent voters. Paul has opened offices in areas that are heavily Democrat in his state, Kentucky, as has invited those who vote for the other party to have a conversation with him about their views. He has also asked African American voters to ask themselves the question, “What has the Democrat party done for you,” and many times stated that the blue party takes this vote for granted. Paul has even ventured to the bluest parts of California, winning the support of many Silicon Valley executives. When speaking with many Democrats, they have said that the only Republican candidate they would consider is Senator Rand Paul. Furthermore, Paul has inherited his father’s very loyal fan base, and appeals to young millennials for his Libertarian views. He also has a cool factor, something that many politicians do not have. Paul has appeared in the fashion magazine Vogue and Vanity Fair, a huge achievement, especially for a Republican.

Senator Rand Paul has an edge, he has a platform, and now he may be running for president. He has gained huge notoriety in the Senate, is loved by the media, and never backs down on his core beliefs. With two senators with such loyal fan bases running the race, it will truly be a campaign that makes history.