April 02

What’s Happening in Indiana?

This week, Indiana passed a bill titled “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” Okay, well this sounds fine. Religious liberty has always been an important part of America’s foundation, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that the language in the bill discriminates between the LGBT community because it allows business owners to choose who they serve based on their religious beliefs. The original law was actually passed by Congress in 1993, by two Democrat senators.

So, why is there so much controversy now about the law? Governor Mike Pence seemed almost surprised by the backlash, stating that they were changing words to include the LGBT. The controversy over this law shows a much deeper issue and the current cultural climate in the United States right now, and that is the war between religion and the acceptance of the LGBT community. To discriminate against the LGBT community in any way is the acceptance that they do not have rights, and can be discriminated against on a religious level.

This law, which again was originally constructed over ten years ago, brings a much bigger issue to the surface, and that is the issue of gay rights. While a business should be able to choose who they do their business with and why, the bigger issue is that they are not giving the LGBT community equal rights as other communities. The war, has way more to do with gay marriage than a businesses right to choose, and the only way this will be resolved is if the LGBT and religious conservatives can come together and make a truce. Governor Pence and his Republican staff are amending the bill to make sure this discrimination does not happen, but already conservatives such as Senator Ted Cruz are on the attack. There is a greater issue right now in America, and that is one of those who oppose change versus those who advocate for it.